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Customer Onboarding Specialist



Customer Service, Sales & Business Development
Posted on Friday, December 29, 2023


AI co-pilots will fundamentally rewire how work gets done.

More flow-state, less toil.

More insight, less guesswork.

Human-centric, not process-centric.

Metaview is building the AI co-pilot for hiring.

At the moment, hiring is tedious, inefficient, and unreliable. We’re changing this by accelerating workflows, and building a thought partner for hiring the right candidate, quickly. We’ll make hiring feel like the high-leverage activity it is.

Metaview is a startup founded by Siadhal and Shahriar after their experiences building products and teams at Uber and Palantir, and is backed by phenomenal investors in the US and Europe. Our starting point on this mission is an AI-powered note taker that gives interviewers superpowers: beautifully structured and summarized interview notes, pre-filled candidate feedback forms, and rich candidate write-ups generated in just a few clicks (if that). We’re already seeing that Metaview is becoming the centre of gravity for the hiring process at customers like Brex, Robinhood, Genentech, and hundreds more.

The team

  • We own our work from end-to-end. We work “towards goals”, not “on tasks”. We’re a team that knows the satisfaction of doing great work is only felt when it impacts the customer.

  • We optimize for rate-of-learning. We treat learning as the highest form of currency for delivering future impact, and act accordingly: we run experiments, question thoroughly, and talk to customers over-and-over. We covet earned secrets.

  • We’re direct and actively transparent in how we communicate and share progress. There’s no point painstakingly hiring a world-class team, if they are then uninformed or unaware of the context that matters.

We’re a hybrid team with a HQ in London, UK.

The role

Onboarding new customers to their first moment of delight on our platform is, without exaggeration, mission-critical to Metaview achieving its goals and, therefore, fulfilling its mission. We’re leading the way in building a new category of product and, though we’ve successfully onboarded hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users already, it’s now time to turn our customer onboarding into an effective, efficient engine for our continued growth. It’s vital that we do this without sacrificing the quality of customer experience.

So we’re hiring our first Customer Onboarding Specialists to focus on making this happen. You’ll be responsible for:

  • Product demos: Conduct demonstrations of our product that maximize clarity and excitement in the minds of our customers.

  • Customer onboarding: Run delightful onboarding sessions for customers who need help setting up their account. Take the lead on making our onboarding process better and better over time.

  • Feedback Collection: Gather customer feedback on the onboarding experience and the product itself.

  • Process improvement: Create and update onboarding materials, such as guides, tutorials, and FAQs.

  • Sharing your hard-earned knowledge: Work closely with Product and Go-to-market teams to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

  • Problem-solving: Assist customers with any initial challenges or questions.


  • 2+ years experience in a customer or stakeholder-facing role. Bonus points if this is as a recruiter.

  • You get energized by meeting new people, and spread that energy to them through your communication and approach.

  • High grit. You understand the value of getting things done today, rather than waiting til tomorrow.

  • Systematic and organized. Our customers need to feel like they are embarking on a journey with a partner that is going to guide them through the AI revolution and how it will impact recruiting. Your interactions must imbue confidence.

  • You’re looking for a breakout role and want to be part of something huge, just as it’s reaching escape velocity