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Enterprise Product Lead



New York, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Who we are:

  • Our name is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Citizenship in a Republic’ speech, which pays homage to the ‘(hu)man in the Arena’. To us, entering the Arena means committing oneself fully and accepting the risk of failure in the pursuit of an audacious, worthy cause.
  • We’re a close-knit tribe of scientists and builders exploring the boundaries of how artificial intelligence can benefit humanity. If you share our passion for delving deep into real-world problems and solving them with fully autonomous AI, join us in the Arena.

What we do:

  • Arena empowers businesses across industries to make high frequency, critical path decisions fully autonomous. Our products have helped some of the world’s largest CPG companies transform their sales and supply chains into increasingly autonomous, self-learning systems — unlocking efficiencies and resulting in better, more affordable consumer experiences.
  • But autonomous selling is just the beginning. Arena knows that Autonomy can help organizations tackle much more, from delivering critical goods and services more affordably, sustainably, and equitably to the world, to reducing green premiums on renewable energy to compete more effectively with fossil fuels.

How you will contribute:

As an early Forward Deployed Product hire, you'll work alongside Arena’s software engineers and machine-learning experts to deploy, configure, and evolve products directly with our customers. Your mission is to make successful AI-driven deployments, and then surface actionable signal for direct, centralized product iteration and model optimization.

Members of the Forward Deployed Product team maintain a bias toward action, opting generally to solve the problem themselves first, with a thoughtful eye toward generalizability across Arena’s product infrastructure and customer landscape. They are well equipped to work with a range of customer points of contact, but also will feel at home contributing directly back to our products.

We trust our employees to make independent judgments about what is required to successfully deploy our products, however, direct role responsibilities will likely include the following:

  • Onsite meetings, troubleshooting, and iteration with customers to delve into the specifics of their problem sets and how Arena’s products can help
  • Collaboration with Arena software engineers, machine learning experts, and company leadership to share status of customer deployments and where investment is needed or should be reevaluated
  • Contributing to the strategy, implementation, and wherever possible, code to support new Arena products
  • Training customer users, including through demoing of the product and explanation of product and model features
  • Communication of product features and deployment outcomes

Required qualifications:

  • Working full time in our office in NYC
  • Programming or data analysis experience (e.g., via languages such as Python, SQL, etc.)
  • Experience with Machine Learning, such as Neural Nets, Active/Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, and/or NLP
  • Ability to contribute to the strategy, implementation, and wherever possible, code to support existing and new Arena products
  • You are energized but thoughtful, introspective and generous. You are intellectually curious; grit, hustle, and humility will be necessary for success in this role
  • Precise and concise communication
  • Ability to travel to customer locations, the frequency of which will vary depending on the needs of the business


  • 99% of the monthly premium for Aetna medical insurance, plus vision and dental coverage
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Laptop and monitor of your choice
  • Office supplies stipend
  • Ramp Company Card
  • Continued education allowance (books, e-courses)
  • Attendances to top conferences in their fields
  • Lunches at company wide meetings (several times a week)
  • Snack and self-serve lunch options
  • Global WeWork membership

Base Salary Range: $200,000 - $250,000